Deluxe Mini Combine


This Machine Crop cut from field is fed in to Auger. Which has spikes on it, which takes the Crop into feeder chain and the feeder chain. convey these crops of Cutter Drum of Thresher Drum. This mechanism of feeding Crop is same as used in Combine Harvester.

In Threshing Drum V type Blade are used which helps in separating grain from their crops and cut the crops in to small pieces. Which goes to the Vibrating Sieve.

In Our Blower Drums are provided in the Machine, which pickup the impurities or cut crops from the Vibrating sieve and throws it from the top at some distance from the machine. And at the last stage of the blower all impurities will be removed and will be get the grains at bottom.To pick up the grain up to some heights an elevator is provided which takes the grains from bottom to some height, which thowrs the grains in Trolly.