Paddy Cum Multicrop Thresher Super Jambo Model

Deluxe Agricultural Paddy Threshers are manufactured with advance adn latest technology for reliable, economical and efficient threshing of Paddy Crop. In Deluxe Agricultural Paddy Thresher all the movements like sieve cleaning arrangement are controlled by the bearing to with stand wear and tear. It can be operated with Tractor/ Motor/Engine at required R.P.M. of 650 to 750. These threshers are fitted with extra blower for better cleaning of the crop. Thresher efficiency on working is approx. 100% and the special feature of this machine is that it does not chop the straw and hence we get it in full length.

Crops that can be threshed using Multicrop Thresher:

Paddy, Maize, Sunflower, Wheat, Millet, Ragi, Soya, Horsegram, Red Gram, Jawar, Bengalgram, Blackgram, Coriander , Groundnut .

  • Paddy threshing capacity 1 acre per hour
  • Paddy is completely removed from the stake
  • Wheat threshing capacity 1 acre per hour
  • Maize can be threshed without peeling the cob cover
  • Maize threshing capacity 70 to 80 bags per Hour. (1 bag = 100 kg)
  • Threshing does not damage the tips of the grain hence grain is suitable for use as seed
  • Threshing is totally completed in one pass